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The Cork Flooring Company
The Cork Flooring Company


WearTop is the most innovative High Performance Coating UV finishing system for cork floors.

This new High Performance Coating system uses state-of-the-art finishing technology, specially developed focusing the uniqueness of cork. This means that our floors will:

  • Be more transparent
  • Contain no organic solvents
  • Be environmentally friendly
  • Remain easy to maintain
  • Look more natural
  • Keep the natural comfort of cork

Using new, state-of-the-art resins which are extremely elastic and advanced nanoparticle technology, WEARTOP finish offers unprecedented performance and an outstanding appearance.

Coating hardness and abrasion resistance are not achieved at the expense of flexibility. Furthermore, WEARTOP offers optimal micro-scratch resistance. Rubbing the surface with steel wool has negligible effect and no black marks are formed when the surface is scratched with a metal object. The resistance to scratches and sanding marks caused by hard dirt particles and sand is remarkably high, making WEARTOP the perfect coating for our everyday needs. Furthermore, WEARTOP is completely stain resistant trough its higher chemical resistance.

In contrast to anti-abrasive top coats with ceramic/aluminium oxide, WEARTOP can be sanded and is therefore easy to re-coat. The optimal balance provided by WEARTOP allows the cork flooring to continue to be easily cleaned and maintained. Furthermore, due to the advanced nanoparticle technology, the cork surface will have an outstanding appearance: smooth, warm, deep-clear and natural.

One major ecological benefit of WEARTOP is that only reactive products are used: this means that it is solvent free and especially environmental friendly. There is no organic solvents and no VOC emission during processing, facilitating compliance with stringent environmental regulations. WEARTOP is free of heavy metal, formaldehyde and insecticides/pesticides.

WEARTOP technology outperforms alternative products such as field applied finishes, standard UV finishes and, in many cases, the so-called "e;ceramic"e; finishes.